Crew Biographies

Patrick C. Clinton - Director, Writer, Producer
Patrick C. Clinton studied Theory & Criticism at the University of Louisiana Lafayette, where he earned his Ph.D. and taught English until May 2009. For the next year he was a lecturer at Louisiana State University in Alexandria until he decided to pursue an M.F.A. in Cinema / Televisionat Southern Methodist University, where he is currently enrolled. Aside from his academic achievements, he has written and produced several short films for school and the internet including a rendition of Thomas Pyncnon's “Entropy” and the Noxima Jones series of shorts. His 911 memorial “In Memoriam: Remembering September 11” has been recognized by several online organizations; his comedic short, “Noxima Jones For President” was a finalist on NBC's “Its's Your Show,” and his first horror short, Last Getaway (2007), was awarded 2nd runner up at the 2007 Full Moon Horror Film Festival. He is the owner and founder of both Noxima Productions and Roaming Armadillo Productions. The Inherited (2009) is his first feature film.

Lisa Mount - Associate Producer, Production manager
Lisa Mount’s love for theater and film began in high school where she was the president of the drama club and acted in a few small productions. Instead of pursuing her artistic ambitions, she entered the mental health profession and is now a licensed clinical social worker. She has over ten years of experience in the human service and mental health field, which makes her an asset in a variety of different roles, both on and off camera. Lisa has worked with Patrick C. Clinton on several of his shorter productions and served as a production assistant, still photographer, and Production Manager on Roaming Armadillo’s 2007 horror short Last Getaway.


Travis Mouisset - Associate Producer, First Assistant Director
Travis Mouisset is an engineering student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He has construction experience, strong technical skills, and an unbeatable work ethic. These attributes made him extremely useful during the pre-production and production phases of The Inherited. He was a valuable asset, both on and off screen. He served in many capacities, including First Assistant Director and set construction. This was his first experience on a feature length film and he plans to continue working with Roaming Armadillo on future projects.

Aaron Schaubhut - Second Assistant Director, Assistant Editor
Aaron Schaubhut graduated with a B.S. in Architecture in 2008 from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where he is currently attending graduate school. He has experience working with computers and various programs. His technical skills made him an asset on set and in post production. He also played a few small roles in the movie. He is planning to continue to work with Roaming Armadillo on future projects.

Jon Mount - Assistant Editor, Production Assistant
Jon Mount has worked with Patrick C. Clinton on countless short productions in a variety of capacities. He co-directed “Entropy” and served as Assistant Director on “The Adventures of Noxima Jones.” Jon was instrumental in the production of Last Getaway, serving a variety of functions both during production and post production, including production assistant, special effects, boom operator, and assistant editor. Jon is currently attending the University of Louisiana at Lafayette pursuing his degree in Industrial Technologies. He continues to work closely with Roaming Armadillo.