Cast Biographies

Khory Pilley - “The Boy”
Khory has experience in theater, music videos, voice over, and film. He has acted in several independent films, including Flip Mavens, Attack of the Dead, and Snitch. In addition, he has also worked behind the scenes as an assistant producer, as well as in areas of lighting and sound. He is currently studying acting at Louisiana State University.

Tyler Cross - “Sean Whitkin”
Tyler has extensive experience in theater, television, music videos, voice over, and film. He has worked on movie sets both as an actor and behind the camera. He has experience in props, casting, writing, stunts, set operations, lighting, acting, and producing. He is a SAG eligible actor who has been in several films, including Brothers, Not Forgotten, Chess, Bring it On, and Never Back Down. In 2003 Tyler was awarded the International Thespian Convention Award for best comedic death scene.

Natalie Sieber - “Anna Godwin”
Natalie has competed in speech and drama. She has acted in several local stage productions and was a lead actress in the 2007 horror short Last Getaway (2007), produced by Roaming Armadillo and directed by Patrick C. Clinton.

Jeff Pearson - “Jeff Clerval”
Jeff has experience both on screen and off camera. He has acted in several short independent films, including the lead role in a short film entitled “Nailbiter” as well as supporting roles in short films such as “Only God Can Judge Me” and “Absolution.” He also had a small role in the horror short, Last Getaway (2007), produced by Roaming Armadillo and directed by Patrick C. Clinton. Jeff was a finalist in the Tribeca Film Festival’s 15 second clip competition.


Lauren Norfleet - “Samantha Whitkin"
Lauren has had experience as both an actress and model. She has played roles in several made for television movies such as Wolvesbayne, The Dunwich Horror, and Quantum Apocalypse.

Lisa Reeves - “Katherine Usher”
Lisa has experience in theater, television, film, and commercials. She is a SAG eligible actress who has almost as much experience behind the camera as in front of it, ranging from casting to producing. She can be seen in several recent movies including Final Destination 4, as well as in two episodes of K-Ville.


Jerome Scott - “Mr. Sypher”
Jerome has experience in both theater and film. He was in the 1989 film Blaze and the 1994 film Kyohei Shibata as well as Last Getaway in 2007. Behind the scenes, Jerome has shown his talent both as a producer and in casting. He has written a children’s book and currently holds the office of mayor in Pollock, Louisiana.